Why should I hire
a developer?

Why hire a developer?

When you want a website, you are faced with a few options. In a perfect world you would code it yourself from scratch - but sadly, most people don’t have the skills to make their own website. There is also the option of using an online website builder, however these don’t always give you all of the features you desire. They can also be tricky to set up, and can look unprofessional. The easiest way to get a slick website designed especially for you is to hire a developer.

Hiring a web developer for the first time can be daunting, but armed with the right info you should have no problems.

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What to expect from your web developer

If you’ve never worked with a developer before, you may not know what to expect. Understanding exactly what a developer is there to do can help you to communicate effectively, be on the same page and produce a successful website. Here’s some things to be aware of...

Ask for examples

It’s fine to ask your web developer for some references and some examples of previous work, to get an indication of quality and style.

Clear scope

Your web developer should lay out a clear scope of work and make it clear what the fee includes.


It’s good to know your developers working style - will you get weekly updates, or other opportunities to check in on the project? Though they can never be exact, it’s a good idea to get a rough estimate of when the website will be finished.


You should also try to ensure that your website has room to grow, and the capability to be expanded at a later date.

So how much does hiring a developer cost?

We’ve gone into detail about how much different types of websites cost here. The cost of the actual developer aspect is hard to estimate, as it depends on many different factors.

The cheapest option is to outsource to a country where brilliant developers offer their services cheaply - like India or Eastern Europe. The only possible downside is difficulty with communication and time-differences. For freelance web developers, you should expect to pay per hour. Obviously, the more complicated a project, the more it will cost.

A good tip is to not go for the cheapest developer you can find. You are paying for years of learning technical skills and design know-how, and skimping on price may mean that your website isn’t as secure, responsive, or as professional-looking as you might have hoped.

There is also the option of using a web development agency, who will have all the resources you need to get a professional website up and running in a short space of time. They will typically have a lot of experience building all types of websites for their various clients.


Paying for your site to be designed and coded by a developer is the main upfront cost associated with getting a website. They have the technical know-how to design and build your website, while ensuring it is exactly how you imagined it. Paying for a good quality developer who will do a great job is an investment definitely worth making. You should also bare in mind that even after your website is up and running, you may need to pay for upkeep such as content changes to make sure your site stays relevant.

Basic website

For a Basic website, expect to pay £200-£500 ($270-$670) for design and development costs. This will cover a simple, brochure style website, made uniquely for you, will all the info that your potential customers may need to know.

Small business website

For a website for your small business, expect to pay somewhere around £500-£1,000 ($670-$1,330). This will provide a content-rich, unique website that fits in with your brand tone, and gives your customers the option to explore and get to know your business through blog posts, photo galleries, videos and more.


An e-commerce website comes in at around £1,000-£2,500 ($1,330-$3,300). This is due to the extra time and complications associated with setting up an online shop. However, one it’s set up you can begin to reap the profits of your online sales!


A bespoke website is the most expensive type of website at around £2,500-£10,000 ($3,300-$13,300) though it is hard to estimate exactly. The price is extremely dependent on what you want - with a bespoke website, it is built entirely from scratch and with completely unique functionality. Any business that needs a complex website, for example one with many subpages such as a recruitment websites, will require a bespoke website.

The Benefits

Why hiring a developer is the right way to go


Unlike when you build your site on somewhere like wordpress where you have to stick to a theme, with a developer you are completely free to communicate your brand in whatever unique way you can think of.


Developers will build your website with the future in mind. That means you’re covered if you suddenly get high traffic coming to your page. They’ll provide a solid base that you can add to and scale as your business expands.


Your developer will make sure that your site looks good on desktop and on mobile - something that is getting increasingly more important if you want to keep up with the rise of mobile.

In Control

Having your own website means you’re in control - you can change elements yourself so it evolves as you do. You are able to see how many people are looking at your site, and what they’re clicking on.


Your developer will set up features that you might have never heard of before! This could include tools like Google Analytics so you can track who is looking at your website, where they came from and how they’re interacting with it.


With a developer also comes years of experience building websites, and know-how to make them look brilliant. Getting a professional will be reflected in the clean, well-made look of your site.

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Questions To Ask Your Developer?

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If you don’t already have a domain name, check who needs to buy it and who the domain name account will be under. If you already own a domain name, let your developer know!

Ask your developer how much experience they have in certain coding languages, and which one they intend to use for the project. Common languages include: html, ruby, ruby on rails, react, angular, javascript, bootstrap, c++, c# and python.

Make sure you’re exactly clear what you’re paying for, and even clearer on anything that costs extra.

It’s important to realise that though it’s great to have a time estimate, it may take longer than expected if problems arise.

Your web developer will definitely be aware of making websites mobile responsive, but it’s fine to ask about how your website might look on mobile.

Your web developer will be fully versed in the basics of SEO - if you’re paying for expert web development, a clear SEO strategy that works for your business should also be included.

Get a list of requirements that you can sort out. This could include providing photographs, written content, details about your business, or access to an existing domain.

Will you have the power to directly edit and upload new content through a CRM or will you have to go through your developer every time you need to make a change - be aware this may incurr additional costs.

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