Lead Generation and Digital Marketing

Lead Generation is the umbrella term for basically any efforts to generate new business for your company. In the past that meant putting adverts on billboards, radio, television, or in newspapers. The problem with these methods is that it’s difficult to track how many customers this actually achieves. Now, digital marketing can be used to generate customers effectively, cheaply and on a global scale. The best part is that you can easily track your efforts.

  • The first steps to generating leads via your website usually involve putting a contact form on your website
  • Ask your web developer how you can increase the amount of people visiting your website by using SEO
  • Make sure you have systems in place (like a tight sales process) to take advantage of new customers as they come in

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What’s the difference between digital marketing and lead generation?

Digital marketing is the wider term for basically any attempt to advertise yourself online. It comes in many different forms such as social media accounts, paid online adverts, websites and more! Lead generation refers to the concentrated effort to use these channels with the purpose of collecting people’s contact details who you can then convert into a paying customer.

How do I use digital marketing for lead generation?

There are a few methods of digital marketing to customers which you can discuss with your developer. You can do some simple digital marketing simply by how your developer sets up your site, for example, through SEO strategies and by placing a form on your site.

What if I want to step it up a gear?

A good option is to hire a lead generation agency or service that will find you an amount of customers for a set fee. A company like GoToDigital can deliver the details of high-quality, sales-ready potential customers without you having to do anything! They do all of the heavy lifting through putting ads on various channels, and deliver the results to your Customer relationships management or email.

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