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The content is the most important part to any blog. The content is the stuff that attracts readers to your page. A blog will ultimately fail without good content no matter how beautifully designed or well-structured. Pre-launch blog content includes fixed pages such as “About” and “Contact” pages. In addition to these fixed pages pre-launch content includes sidebar content, Blog category pages, and SEO keywords. Post-launch content includes your regular blog posts and cornerstone content.

  • The two major blocks to focus on are pre-launch and post-launch content
  • Before launching your blog make sure your website is easy to navigate and you have finished all of your pre-launch content
  • Your chances of a successful blog are increased if you create a blog content strategy

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Where should I get my content from?

There are a wide range of places to get blog content from. Some of these ways include newsjacking, asking a coworker, hiring a freelance writer, start an online discussion forum, use interviews, and even use your own personal experiences.

What are some other types of content?

Content does not solely have to come from a blog. Other types of content include sharing images and articles on social media, photo galleries, creating your own brand videos, making a YouTube account, and vlogging.

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